Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

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Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Abroad Jane Ki Dua Many of you must be dreaming of going abroad such as to the U.S.A. or any other foreign country of your choice. Each may have their own reasons for going. Some may want to go because they want to experience being outside their home country.

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Then there are those of you who go there to gain new experiences. While others of you may want to go there to work and earn good money. Some of you may want to accompany your husband and maybe settle there in the foreign land with him.

Others of you who are students may want to explore the diverse area of study opportunities that are provided there. If you have tried to do any of these and they haven’t worked out for you yet then you can easily make a dua to Allah for getting your prayers heard.

Hence, you can make the following duas according to what exactly you really want:

  • Dua to go abroad.
  • Dua to go abroad with husband.
  • Dua to study abroad.
  • Dua to get job abroad.

Are you trying to go abroad since quite a while but you are unable to? Are you not getting the visa? Are there other issues that keep cropping up, preventing you from going abroad?Then worry not because you can make a powerful dua to go abroad.

Dua to go abroad:

  • You can recite the following verses:
  1. Surat-Ibrahim verses 32 and 33.
  2. Surat-Lukmaan verse 20.
  • Surat-Al-Jathiya verses 12 and 13.
  1. Surat-Al-Hajj verse 65.
  2. Surat-Al-Raad verse 2.
  • You can also make dua in your own words as follows:

“O the merciful one, Allah! Without you, I am nothing and without your hand to guide me, I can get nowhere. I want to request something from you. I really have the urge to go abroad and travel. I have never been outside my own country. I have heard so much about the foreign lands that I really want to go. Until now, I have not been able to go anywhere which has made me want to go there all the more. Please help me go abroad with ease. I know you will guide me to the best path. I want to explore the world. I ask for your help Allah and I know whatever your decision will be, it is going to be good for me.”

Is your husband going abroad for work and you want to accompany him but you are facing problems because of your visa being denied etc.?

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Then there is an easy and effective solution for your problem. You can make a dua to go abroad with husband. Dua to go abroad with husband:

  • You need to perform wudhu properly and then do the rakaatsalaat. You can then recite any surah of your choice with faith.
  • You can make the following dua:

“O Allah! You are the only God who is worth serving. You are the wisest of the wise. Whatever decision you make is always the best one. I want to make a supplication. I love my husband dearly. He is going abroad and I want to go with him as well. I want to accompany him as I believe that it would be best if we, husband-wife, go there together. I feel that our bond will become stronger and love will become stronger if we go abroad along with each other. However, there have been many difficulties blocking my path. Please help me remove the obstacles. I really want to go with my husband.Please answer my prayers, Allah.”

Are you a student who is willing to explore study options abroad? However, due to financial issues, family pressure, family problems and other concerns you are unable to do so.

You should not worry because you can make your dream come true by making dua to study abroad. Dua to study abroad:

  • “O Allah! The most magnificent of all! You are the most noble one who can do anything.I seek your help. I want to study abroad. I have worked really hard to get good grades throughout my life. But there are problems that are disallowing me from going abroad to study. I have found my dream university where I can enhance my knowledge and then learn immensely. Please have mercy on me Allah and forgive me for the sins I may have committed in the past knowingly and unknowingly. Please help me Lord to get a chance to study abroad and to broaden my knowledge. I know I can do really well and then get a well-paying job because of that. Please give me your blessings my Lord. I know you can do anything for anyone that requires your help. I put my complete trust only in you Allah.”

If you are a qualified individual who wants to get a job abroad then you can make dua to get job abroad. You will surely get the best offer for the job that you are looking for. Moreover, you will be able to easily go abroad without any difficulty.

Dua to get job abroad:

  • You can read the salaawattaj after you perform namaz 7 times. You can also read it 101 times after namaz.
  • You can make dua expressing what you want in your words like below:

“O Allah! All praises are for you, the only one worth worshiping. You are the most tolerant one. You are the most knowledgeable one. I wholeheartedly want to thank you Lord for giving me so much to be thankful for in my life. Please bestow your forgiveness on me. I want to get a job abroad. I want to earn well and then I want to give my family all that they truly deserve. I know I have the potential to get a well earning job abroad. I want to help my family have everything that they want to have. I want the best for my family. Please God, listen to my prayers and fulfill them. I know you will grant me whatever is best for me. Only you can grant me my wish Allah.”

There are many of you who tend to get disheartened if your wish does not come true quickly. You are so busy trying to get everything you want as quickly as possible.

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

When you are making dua to go abroad, you must be patient. You must have full faith in Allah and his powers. It is advised that you relax and always be hopeful that whatever happens, will happen for your best.

Allah knows what is best for you and he will only give you what is best for you in the future. You should stop worrying altogether because a little bit of doubt will mean that you do not trust Allah.

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Moreover, the more doubt you have the less likely it is that your prayers will be answered.

Hence, do your daily prayers regularly and you will surely get a magnificent chance to go abroad for whatever reason you want.

Abroad Jane Ki Dua

Allah is always with you