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Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon

Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon

Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon

Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon, Islamic dua for getting married soon will be surely helpful if you are not getting marriage proposals since years.  This will help you to get the best marriage proposal even if you fail after hard trials.

Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon

Quranic Dua For Getting Married Soon

This dua will also help you to get married with the same spouse to whom you sent marriage proposal. The good thing is that this will help you is muslim love marriages or muslim arranged marriages. If you get any matrimonial proposal you can perform  nikah ishtikara to know whether this proposal will be favorable or not.

How to perform quranic dua for getting married soon?

A boy or girl anybody can do this dua.

You have to do this after performing sunset prayers.

This wazifa should be recited in a clean and lonely place.

Remain in state of ablution on a prayer rug.

Recite  yaa aliyyu 2970 times.

After this pray for purpose of getting a perfect marriage proposal with absolute faith.

Perform this prayer for exactly 40 days without skipping even a single day except for women. Women should not do this dua during periods for 7 days. They can continue prayer after 7 days.

Even if you get a good marriage proposal within this dua you should continue recitation till you get married till the completion of 40 days of time period.

Even if you get married before 40 days you should keep on the recitation process till the completion of 40 days of given time period.

The procedures to be followed by a girl or boy to get pious muslim spouse is

Recite surah ul azab or chapter 33 regularly or recite chapter 60 five times daily.

Recite verse 36 of yasin 100 times for 41 days by performing salat

Rules to be followed while performing this dua are

Do not eat animal flesh

Remain in state of ablution

Recite surah tariq chapter 8 especially on Arafat day

Wear irham dress during recitation

Parents who want to get their kids married should perform the following wazifa, either mother or father should do the following recitation on daily basis till their children get married.

Recite 11 times before and after daarood e paak or the most powerful verse 313 times before or after ishaa salaat. The meaning of this recitation is our lord, soothe our eyes with our wives and our children, and make us leaders of the pious. This dua can be done by both boys and girls.

Unmarried girls can recite this verse 7,11 or 13 times to get a god fearing and pious spouse. This verse is applicable to get marriage proposals even if you fail to succeed after so many trials. Unmarried girls can do this recitation after reciting daarood e paak for 7 times a day.

These recitations can be done till you get married. No doubt all recitations will give 100 percent results and you should bestow the result to decision of allah. Do not test allah just trust allah and perform the wazif and salaat with unshaking faith.

 Procedure for love marriage: For marrying your loved one,  performing Islamic wazifa with absolute faith helps you succeed. The above procedure can be followed for marrying your loved one overcoming restrictions by parents, financial inequalities etc. This is the procedure for performing quranic dua for love marriage.

The procedure followed for those who believe in creator allah and believe in holy quran and want to marry their loved one should follow the below procedure:

The lovers must follow the recitation process for 41 times after every obligatory prayer every day with absolute concentration and faith

Then put your head in prostration for allah

Recite this dua all the time and have faith in allah

Recite this wazifa along with darood e sharif and recite 11 times every time after the dua

With blessings of allah you will succeed for sure

Do not make fun of wazifa and have complete trust and keep in mind that females should not do this dua during their periods and they can complete recitation after that time

To enhance love between married couple:  to resolve marriage related problems and enhance love between wife and husband and avoid black magic and to recover from black magic. This can be done only by wife to get rid of black magic and regain love from  husband. Quranic dua  for love between husband and wife is as follows.

This should be done only by wife to regain love of her husband and enhance love between the couple. Take two almonds and after esha salah put in your mouth above the tongue. Recite ayat 39 from quran chapter 16 for 500 times, take out the almonds and put a blow on them.

After that read ayet 100 times and do not clean almonds at all and put again back almonds into mouth .for every 100 times repeat  the process and clean almonds after 500 times and place in clean cloth.

Continue this process for five days and blow on same almonds each day.  Do not wipe saliva if falls on almonds after blowing and after 5 days make your husband somehow eat the almonds. This dua will become a success for sure.

Prayer for love:  Islamic dua for love and make your love life successful is as followsAfter night obligatory prayers;

  1. Sit there only or on any other clean place, as you wish, then;
  2. Imagine the person for whom you are performing this wazifa to create love in his heart, then;
  3. In the beginning, recite any Durood e paak eleven times whichever you remember and then
  4. Recite the above written dua 141 times and then
  5. In the end recite once again, the same durood e paak which you have recited in the started eleven  times
  6. Make a wazifa for your any wish, you will succeed in your love for sure

 Quranic dua for love succeeded in making impossible to possible, make  parents agree for love, make the person accept your love,  marry the person of your choice.