Dua Istikhara

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Dua Istikhara

Dua Istikhara

Dua Istikhara

If you want job according your wish, you also try many times but you get not success in job than you so upset this time now you need a help of Dua Istikhara. Istikhara means Allah! I seek goodness from my knowledge and my power and am also seek strength and ask your blessing I do not have power but you have the power. I know thing but you know everything, you also know about unseen, if you know the action is bad for me and bad for my faith so all my badness turn away from me and give me good ,bright future which make me satisfied. Dua Istikhara is a powerful dua which connected you directly with Allah which make your life peaceful and joyful.

Istikhara ki Dua

In the easy Istikhara ki dua is process in which we are directly communicated with Allah (peace and blessings upon him)if you used the Istikhara ki dua it’s having the way to doing this first of you made your mind that what is your intension means proper focus of your task not the confused wish your aim, second you used the three time these lines of Allah in a day Allaahumma s’alli a’laa muh’ammadin wa aali muha’ammad and third is you used or proper speak the Istikhara ki dua it is really very effective and you easily forget your all the problems.

Istikhara ki Dua for Marriage in English

If you fall in love and want to marry with him/her or if you do the inter caste marriage but you want marry Istikhara ki dua for marriage in English with your partner .Every person made their marriage life full of romance and peace and you are also used the Istikhara ki dua for marriage in English than definitely you get all the happiness in your married life. Kaji is always ready for help you they gives you many techniques, you follow these techniques you definitely made you married life according your wish.

Istikhara ki Dua for Job

If you are educated and you want to made your carrier according your wish or if you want made your carrier in computer line or carrier to other side but you do not get job according your field this time if you used Istikhara ki dua for job that means your soul is directly attached with Allah and you also say to Allah to your all the problems. Istikhara ki dua for job by the help of this you also feel the changed in your life and easily you got job. Job is not a big problem but many people not share their problem with others if you used Istikhara ki dua for job surely you get job and made your life very happy.

Istikhara ki Dua for Marriage in Urdu

If you want marriage with your partner and you believe in Istikhara ki dua because person wants to make a happy married life it is so necessary for you Istikhara ki dua for marriage in Urdu that means you are directly communicated with the Allah and Allah blessed you for your marriage in Urdu. A happy married life is only when success than Istikhara ki dua for marriage in Urdu after used this Dua you also feel the changes in your love line and you also grow in your job field and make your life full of joy.