Fasting Dua

Fasting Dua

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Fasting Dua

Fasting Dua, The holy Quran and Hadith offer lots of Duas to make in days and nights. Some of them are Dua for fasting in ramdan but these are not restricted to be made only in Laila-tul-Qadr or Ramdan, but one can make it anytime.

Fasting Dua

Fasting Dua

Fasting Dua

There are some Duas that never rejected by the supernatural power of this Universe named Allah. Some Duas are recited at particular time. There are some people who believe in making Duas before keeping or breaking fast and it is also mandatory in Islam.

It becomes very important when it comes to Ramdan. Here is the Dua, you can recite at the beginning of the fast to affirm and indicate the main reason or intention of your fast.

Intention of keeping fast brings a person more closely to Allah and it is very much important.

The intention of fast is to remind our soul and confirm with our words intention that we are looking forward for happiness, prosperity and pleasure of Allah in all aspects.

There are some parayer that you can recite in the beginning of fast as follow:

  1. “Waah bisaawaami ghaadin naawaaiiytuu miinn shaahrii Raamaadaan”


“Naawaatuu saauumaaa ghaadiin anaadaaii faarduu syaahrii raamaadaan haadzi hissaanaati lilaahitaaalaa”

These two are very important Dua for fasting in Ramadan. Here you will also get the Dua for breaking fast in Ramadan given below:

  1. “Allaahummaa innii laakaa suumtuu waah bikaa aamaantuu waah aalaayaakaa taawaakaaltuu whaa aalaa riziqq-ikaaa-aafataartuu”

The month of Ramadan is considered as the month of fasting and it is very important and holy month for the Islam followers. It is the 9th month as per the Islamic calendar and it is devoted to the Allah.

Fasting Dua

Muslims people keep fast for the pleasure of Allah and indulge themselves praying to him. They start concentrate less on their daily schedules and works and pray to Allah.

This holy month involves praying and mosque. Muslims people recite Duas in front of Allah on this auspicious occasion is considered as the Ramadan Dua. People keeps fast and have maels twice a day.

These two meals are called Suhoor and Iftar. Suhoor meal is taken by the Muslims during Ramadan before sunrise and another meal after sunset.

People make prayer before having meal before sunrise and after sunset; these prayers are called Dua for opening/keeping fast.

Allah makes this tough fast easy for every Muslim. Those people who have been keeping fast for long time, they know the meaning and importance of these prayers.

Dua before fasting in Ramadan means we intend to keep this fast for Allah for tomorrow (as the starting day of Ramadan) while the Dua for finishing the fast means we fasted for your pleasure and we believed in  our Allah.

we have put all my devotion and trust in Allah, I break this fast with my Allah’s sustenance. This is the best way to connect with the Allah and speak to him.

Dua for breaking fast

you need to recite this Dua while you are going to break a fast as:”Thahaaba thh-thamaa oo wabtalatil-Aauroq, wathabatall ajruu inh-shah-allahh” in the name of Allah, we appreciate him and seek his blessings and help.

We ask for his forgiveness and kindness. Allah is the only witness of our deeds. We keep fasts for the forgiveness from Allah for all our wrong deeds. You can pray to him as I have fasted for you with all devotion and trust and now can I break my fast.

Allah always guides you and mends your ways. He is the only source of strength, so better keep fast to please him.

Dua for opening/keeping fast

Fasting Dua

It is worthwhile to push back breaking one’s Ramadan fast until the evening Dua have been recited, unless the person who is on fast is too weak to continue fasting. It may cause other people are waiting for you to break the fast.

A person can break his fast with the edible things like water, dates, milk, sweets or candies. After reciting the Dua, you can take this food as it enhances the rewards of your Dua for opening fast 400 times. You can also recite Sura Qadr while breaking your fast.

Dua for opening/keeping fast play very important role and it clears your intention to keep fast for Allah. This is the only way the make your inner soul experience the super natural power of this Universe and its blessings.

You can also recite this prayer as: “Allahumma Lakaa S’umtuu Wah A’laah Rizqika Aft’artuwa A’laykaa Tawawkkalttu” at the time of opening your fast.

Dua for fasting in ramadan

when you take first morsel of food during your fast, you need to recite a parayer as:” Bismillahh Alahumma Lakaa S’umna Wa A’la Rizqikaa Aft’arnaah Fah—Taqabal Minna Inaka Antass Same—U’l’a’leemh”.

Those people who keep fast on this holy month of Ramadan and recites prayers, Allah gives the answer of every prayer and offer his blessings to the devotes.

He forgive you sins, removes you life hurdles and griefs, make your heart at ease, grant your wishes, illuminate your path of success and bring happiness and contentment to your life. So this is all about the prayers and the power of it.

Fasting Dua

Those who believes in allah, they need to recite prayers to connect your soul with him and experience his blessings in all aspects of life. Have full devotion towards the Allah and feel the difference.